My name is Desi and I’m so blessed to be a real-estate professional in the beautiful state of Colorado!

My real-estate journey started a bit different than most! It was about 20 years ago that I picked up one of my husband’s power tools and thought, how does this work? Talk about opening Pandora’s Box! Some stiches, bumps and bruises later-and I was doing small projects around our house! Then I started doing projects for friends and family, building unique pieces of furniture, designing, demolishing, restoring and rebuilding homes … a whole new world opened up.

I bought my first investment property in 2003. Renovated it, staged it, marketed it, and sold it. I was addicted! And thus began my affinity for real-estate. I learned the ins and outs of purchasing, financing, renovating, and selling.

About 4 years ago I joined a New Home Construction company in Northern Colorado. I was able to appreciate the precision and purpose of every nail, every piece of lumber, deadlines, and keeping organized.

Most importantly, I realized my true joy is the customer. Their happiness is my passion. Searching for the perfect home is just as exciting for me as it is for them. I’m able to use my construction knowledge to determine a good sound structure as well as my experience in design, or simply giving renovation tips and costs.

Had I not picked up that power tool 20 years ago, not stood in a hard hat deep in the foundation of new construction, not cried tears of joy with the family who purchased their first home; I would not understand the privilege of being a realtor.