When my wife and I started this process we originally set out to re-fi our home and do some upgrades. But a friend told us about Michele and how she had sold their home in just a few hours, in the same neighborhood, and that it might be worth looking into having her come take a look at our home. It’s a decision we would not regret. Michele first came over to look at our home and give us an estimate of how much she thought she could sell it for. Once we heard the number we excited but she said she needed to find us a new home before she could put it ours on the market. She took the time to understand exactly what we wanted in our new home and immediately found listings for us to review. We narrowed those down to about a dozen and we went and looked at them all one Saturday. There were a couple that we really liked and one that was our dream home. We went back on Sunday to look at it again and knew for sure it was the one. Within a few hours we had an accepted contract offer. The very next weekend we pit our house on the market and in less than 48 hours we had an offer on our home for full asking price. Michele Jones is very good at what she does. She was very patient and responsive with all of our questions and concerns. She even referred a handyman that helped fix a couple of inspection issues for a very reasonable price. We will recommend Michele to all our friends and family in the Northern Colorado area who need a Realtor!